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Long lasting LED technology with quality guarantee.

Leuchtraum is a Carinthian company, which was founded in 2010 with LED technology at its core. The company has established itself in the area of lighting solutions within the production industry, hotel/ gastronomy but also in the area of private households.

The energy saving aspects of LED technology, in particular the eco friendly nature of this technology, combined with energy efficiency and the extended life time of a single bulb has led to the general acceptance of LED bulbs over energy saving bulbs. An energy saving of up to 90% pretty much speaks for itself.

We pride ourselves on the high quality of our products. That’s why we have a partner in Austria who is responsible for the assessment of our products and through this service partner we can guarantee our quality. In the past few months we have proved ourselves by developing industrial solutions using our long-lasting, high quality products to give our clients a better and far more balanced light solution for the home or work environment.

Sustainable business in the energy sector is just common sense these days, so you don’t just invest in your future but show responsibility for future generations.

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Change your bulbs cost effectively

The change is easily done!

Since the turn of the century there have been some pretty amazing performance developments in the area of lighting. This is true for both the illumination of bigger areas such as shop floors or within the privacy of your own home. Nowadays it’s possible to find specific solutions for your interior design lighting, which is not so easy to do. Replacement of the existing light fittings makes this process expensive. We accept this challenge and will find a customised solution.

In the area of lighting there is huge potential for saving energy, without having to replace the existing light fittings. It is possible to install more efficient bulbs with much longer life spans and all of this is done together with a specialist who will assess your needs and optimise the best possible solution for your room.

In doing so, we stand by the LED revolution and all the advantages it has to offer. Let’s think back a couple of years and how once upon a time the energy saving light bulb was praised as the future of lighting! However, we have since learnt that these bulbs are by no means healthy or an alternative for the future. They are in fact extremely dangerous, each bulb contains mercury and a broken bulb in your house can in fact render the house uninhabitable for years. Toxic fumes, which attack the nervous system, are also emitted during the life span of an energy saving bulb. For these and many other reasons it is clear that we should avoid these dangerous energy saving bulbs and use the sustainable LED bulbs solutions available to us.

The broad light spectrum of LED bulbs will easily convince any sceptics of the benefits. Thanks to LED bulbs it is now possible to have different lighting effects in combination with different colours, there is just so much more we can do with LED which was impossible with the incandescent bulbs from the past.


We start every project with Method and Concept in mind. Total Quality Management is at the core of our product and service, enabling us to offer you effective project planning and proposals as well as a successful working partnership. In the beginning we will check exactly what your lighting needs are followed by an analysis of the results before ending with a hassle free and extremely high quality installation as we bring you closer to your dream lighting concept.

1. Demand Assessment

  • Number of current lighting type
  • Power Consumption (Watt)
  • Input Voltage Range (Volt)
  • Light Colour (Degree Kelvin / Ra-value)
  • Light Intensity (Lux)
  • Type of Area
  • Operating Time (hours)
  • Electricity Costs (Euro per kWh)

2. Analysis

  • Analysis of on site lighting
  • Energy saving calculation
  • Calculation of the ROI

3. On Site Support

  • Design suggestions
  • Product presentation
  • Product recommendation
  • Information about funding

4. Implementation

  • Professional installation
  • Security checks
  • Final inspection & handover
  • Reliable partner

Energy Saving Concept

Advantages in summary

  • Doesn’t contain any mercury - no hazardous waste
  • Reduced energy consumption (up to 90% saving)
  • Longer operating lifespan - Lower replacement costs
  • Compatibility with existing light units
  • Shock resistant
  • Reduced heat dissipation
  • Immediate light - No warm up time
  • Compact construction
  • CO2 emissions greatly reduced
  • Innovative light designs

The Facts- How We Do It

The change is easily done!

During the normal lifespan of an incandescent light bulb you can achieve no more than 1000 operating hours, a neon tube will give you approx. 10,000 hours and an energy-saving light bulb about 5000 hours but with LED bulbs you can reach up to 50,000 operating hours.

A big advantage of our LED light systems is that you get the desired light as soon as the bulb is turned on, it’s never too hot to touch and they are environmentally friendly. They do not contain mercury such as in the energy-saving bulbs, LED bulbs are also ROHS poison free and CE safety checks are standard. Light sources of 120 Lumen/Watt and light colours from 2500 – 6500 Kelvin are available and can be dimmed and controlled remotely. The light flux of a standard bulb is dispersed in all directions. LED light bulbs however direct the light rays exactly where you need them producing a far better lighting result. All of this increased effectiveness in combination with lower level of energy consumption is just one reason why LED is such a cost effective solution.

Through our cooperation with leading logistic partner TKA-Termin Kurier Austria, we can guarantee quick, safe and secure deliveries for both the European and worldwide markets. The TKA collaboration is another big advantage of our service, ensuring replacements or spare parts arrive on time and subsequently making sure your light never goes out.

Climate change, lack of resources and increasing energy costs are forcing us to make a change. New environmental regulations and the arrival of more sustainable companies are supporting this change to the more energy efficient solution of LED’s. Using modern LED technology in your home will greatly reduce your energy consumption and at the same time vastly improve your lighting quality. Let’s work together for better lighting and a better future!

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